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My name is Cody Cook and I am a former Collegiate Swimmer for Malone University. I have a Masters in Exercise Physiology and a BA is Exercise Science with minors in Chemistry and Athletic Training. I have been coaching swimming for 5 years and Strength and Conditioning for 3 years. I am NASM CPT and PES certified. I have experience at the College of Wooster, Ashland University, Malone University, and Canton City Schools Swim Team. During my time at with these teams I have helped produce 1 Junior National Champion, 7 Junior National Qualifiers, 2 NCAA Division 3 National Qualifiers, 2 OHSAA State Champions as well as numerous USA Sectional Qualifiers. I believe in taking a scientific approach to sports performance training. I use techniques thats have support from the exercise science literature. I offer customized in person sessions and as well as online programs as well. If you are looking to take your swimming or other sports to the next level I am here for you!

I live by the "Why Not ME" mentality. All of my life I have been told that I would not be able to accomplish the goals that I had for myself. I have overcome a lot of adversity in my life but there was one moment that has defined how I gotten to where I am. I tore my ACL and meniscus in the off season playing soccer and the first thought that came to my mind was "Why ME." After the rage in my head cleared I came to the realization that there was a reason that this had happened and decided I was not going to be defined by the injury but how I was going to overcome it. In the weeks to come I worked hard in my rehab and continued to train in the pool. I was putting in some of the best training of my life at the time to keep my mind off of what was to come following surgery. After weeks of this I went in for my preoperative appointment. The doctor discovered that through my hard he could no longer tell that my leg was injured and cleared me to return to full training. This process sparked a new mentality that has driven me to push my self to be the best in all aspect of my life. It showed me I was capable of more than I thought I could and allowed me to get through all of the struggles that followed. It allowed me to find my answer to and I want to be able to share this with the world and help other discover their answer to the "Why Not ME" question.

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