• Cody Cook

Adidas Adizero Pro First Impressions

Shoe Specs:

Weight: 8.3oz US Mens size 9/7.7oz US Womens size 8

Stack Height: 32 mm (Heel), 22 mm (Forefoot)

Offset: 10mm

Price: $179.95

This shoe seems to one of Adidas attempt to create a carbon fiber plated shoe to rival the Nike Vaporfly and Alphafly. The release of this shoe has been pushed back for some time now but is finally available at Running Warehouse.

I have taken this shoe out for a 10k run this morning to get a feel for the shoe. I started my run at an easy pace but increased the pace of the run down to about 10k effort over the last kilometer.

The Upper

The upper is the thinnest mesh ever made by Adidas called Celermesh. I though that this material was extremely breathable. It was hot outside on my run and my nice cool. The upper does not have a lot of structure to it but I did not have any problems with heel or mid foot lockdown. The upper is by no means plush but it was fairly comfortable on foot. The tongue of the conforms to the ankle and lays flat across the top of the foot. The laces provided a nice lockdown and there are even extra wide lace hole if that is something you need.

The Midsole

The midsole uses the new Lightstrike foam in the forefoot and midfoot. There is also Boost in the heel of the shoe. There is also a Carbitex carbon fiber plate that runs through the midsole. When first putting on the shoe it was noticeably firm. This was also the case upon starting the run. I really felt the road with every step and did not feel that it absorbed a lot of the impact force. I really could not feel the carbon fiber plate or much energy return from the midsole through the beginning of the run. As the run progressed the foam began to soften up and felt a little more impact protection later in the run. I could not feel the Boost in the heel but as a forefoot striker this was not all that surprising. I think this midsole will soften up with more use and I will update you all with that in the full review.

The Outsole

In the forefoot of the shoe there is Continental rubber. This rubber is quite thick and provided excellent traction There is some exposed Boost in the heel and through some of the midfoot. There are also some rubber nubs attached to the exposed Boost to protect the foam. Along with that there is Adiwear rubber in the heel. The outsole provided great traction on the wet roads and great grip on some crushed limestone trails. Overall I believe that this outsole will hold up quite well and increase the durability of the shoe.

Overall Thoughts

I thought that this shoe was quite firm and heavy. The stack height is much lower than others marathon racing shoes. At slower speeds the felt extremely firm and heavy but at higher pace I felt that the had some decent pop. I did feel that it was effortless to maintain a moderate pace but hard to get the shoe up faster paces. As of now I do not think this is a shoe that I would use in a marathon race because it was rough on the legs. I feel that is more suited for a road 10k or maybe a half marathon. The durability and grip of the shoe should be great because of the think Continental rubber. I think this shoe could be great if they could reduce the weight of the shoe and create a softer landing. So far I am not a huge fan of this shoe. I think that there are better racing shoe options out there. I would use this shoe for faster pace runs and interval work because I felt that the shoe performed decent at the higher paces but we will see what I think after I get this shoe to 50 miles.

Tell me what you think of these shoes in the comments. Will this be a shoe that you will purchase in 2020?


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