• Cody Cook

Skechers GOrun Speed Elite Hyper First Impressions

Shoe Specs:

Weight: 5.7oz US Mens size 9

Stack Height: 23 mm (Heel), 19 mm (Forefoot)

Offset: 4mm

Price: $179.95

This shoe was the carbon fiber plate option created by Skechers. This shoe was designed to be the high level racing shoe in their Hyperburst line up. This is not a Vaporfly as it has a much lower stack height and lower heel to toe drop. The ride is much different than the Adizero Pro which I reviewed yesterday.

I used this shoe for a 10k pace track session. The intent of the session was to do 6x1k repeats with 200 jog in between but only did 4 because I cooked my legs on the very first rep. My goal was to keep each rep under 4:15. I felt great at the start of the workout and got a little excited at on the first rep and went a 3:47 but it felt easy. After this I tried to dial it down and went 4:00/3:55/4:02. My leg were toasted after 4 and my hip start to hurt so I listened to my body and warmed down instead.

The Upper

The upper is translucent and very lightweight and breathable. I could feel the air passing through the shoe as I was running. The upper did provide a good lockdown even though the upper is very minimal. The heel counter does not provide much support at all. I thought the upper was fine but nothing special as far as comfort goes.

The Midsole

The midsole of this shoe is the Hyperburst from Skechers. There is a carbon fiber plate that run from the midfoot through the toe of the shoe. This is different than many other carbon plated shoes that have full length plates. The shoe is designed for more of a midfoot or forefoot striker rather than a heel striker.This midsole is very responsive and has a lot of pop with every step. This shoe is fast! I ran my track workout much faster than expected and the shoe just wanted me to go fast. I felt that the shoe gives me a lot energy return to my stride.

The Outsole

There is Goodyear rubber in the forefoot and heel of the shoe. The rubber is thin and only covers some high wear areas. The rest of the outsole is exposed Hyperbust midsole. I do not think that the durability of the shoe will be very good. After only one run there is some wear on both the rubber and the exposed foam. The shoe provided good grip on the track but I think that it might be a little slippery on wet roads.

Overall Thoughts

I typically do not think elite running performance when I think Skechers but this shoe has changed my mind. The shoe was felt great under foot during my track session. The shoe is so light that it was hard to dial in my pace after going too fast on the first rep. I definitely think that I need to run in this shoe more to be able to control the pace better. The upper of the shoe did fine and I had no problems and it is very light. I felt that with each step that the shoe provided great pop and I felt that it provides a soft landing. The design of the shoe was perfect for my foot strike but I think that a heel strike won't see the same type of energy return. I think that the plate and foam combo provides a lot of energy return and pop with every step. I will not be doing much more training in this shoe because I predict that the durability will be very low and will be saving it for races. I also think the grip of the shoe could be a problem in wet conditions. I think that the value of the shoe is good because it comes in under most other carbon fiber racing shoes but with low durability it could limit the shoe use to only racing. Though if you like this shoe the Skecher Razor 3 could be a good option for you because it has a Hyperbust midsole and has a longer durability prediction. I will definitely be using this shoe for my 5k time trial that is coming up in a few weeks. This is my favorite racing shoe that I have tried so far and can't wait to race in these in a few weeks.

Tell me what you think of this shoe in the comments below. Do you think you will try out this shoe for racing in 2020?

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